Constellation Contact Tracker

Constellation delivers innovative tracking and tracing solutions based on AutoID and Sensor technologies used in industrial applications for product tracking and location. Constellation leverages decades of knowledge and experience in the fields of IoT, Automated Identification and Track & Trace.
While we cannot prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Constellation Contact Tracker can protect employees, mitigate risk, and reduce costs for organizations. The solution highlights the chain of infection within a specified population and allows organizations to avoid large scale shutdowns.

Solution Overview

The Constellation Contact Tracker is an active solution in complying with social distancing recommendations from the CDC. The small and very lightweight Constellation unit (similar to an employee badge) registers other units in its vicinity by radio signal and sounds an audible alarm if the units' separation is less than 6 feet for 20 seconds. In addition, each alarm event is saved locally on the unit for 14 days. However, the unit itself has no employee information, just the Constellation unit ID, which is then linked with employee data in the organization's management system, or a separate database. If an employee tests positive for Covid-19, an administrator can read the password-protected tracker and get the contact list of the last 14 days - "the potential chain of infection". Also, companies may decide to investigate secondary contacts (contacts from contacts). Instead of closing entire departments, areas or even locations or plants, you can subject the relevant employees to a Covid-19 test according to the contact list or send them to quarantine. Access by unauthorized parties is prevented by password protection.
Assigning Constellation Trackers to employees or visitors is very simple, even in large numbers, using lists that can be managed by assigned internal administrators or Stargent IoT admins. Each unit has a barcode, which serves as the Constellation Tracker ID, which can be assigned to an employee in a list by scanning with the barcode scanner connected to a PC via USB. Optionally, this assignment can also be made by manual entry, since each Constellation Tracker is also printed with the same ID. The lists are processed by the Constellation Software. A connection to an existing HR, healthcare, or student system can be implemented.

A smartphone-based solution contains too many gaps for an enterprise implementation. Some employees do not have a smartphone. Others have deactivated Bluetooth and have justified fears of data sharing or data protection.
Stargent IoT has developed the Constellation Contact Tracker to enable your employees to work safely, demonstrate that your organization places value on employee privacy concerns, and to minimize impact to your organization, whether through liability, loss of production/shut down, or expense of mass testing in the event of a Covid-19 infection.

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